Sean Stephenson

Motivational Speaker

He may be three feet tall, but put a microphone in Sean Stephenson’s hand and he becomes a giant. Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which stunts growth and causes bones to break under minimal pressure, Stephenson has faced several challenges and overcome many obstacles on his path to becoming a successful author, respected psychotherapist, and popular motivational speaker. Before his 18th birthday, Stephenson had survived 200 bone fractures.

Confronted with the mental choice of accepting his disorder as either a gift or a burden, Stephenson found an inner strength to focus on what he could do instead of what he could not. He has worked in Washington, DC for Congressman William O. Lipinski and interned for President Clinton. He later became a board certified clinical psychotherapist. His best-selling book, Get Off Your “But”, provides practical and compelling advice on overcoming self-doubt in all areas of life, from finances and friendship to dating and weight loss.

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