Mary Miller

CEO and owner of JANCOA

CEO and owner, of JANCOA Janitorial Service, Inc., an award winning, family owned and operated, commercial cleaning service located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through her tremendous efforts and her legendary employee benefits program the Dream Manager, she has created an exceptional work environment and a successful organization.

The biggest innovation for JANCOA was the development of the Dream Manager, which grew from an employee retention program into an inspiring example of what business can be. The Dream Manager is now a book and the CEO of Proctor & Gamble calls it “an important contribution to the literature of leadership.”Our basic message to employees, ” Mary says, “Is that no matter where you come from, no matter what level of income or education you’ve attained, you can lead a productive, fulfilling life-and you can make your dreams become reality.”

Mary Miller’s Presentaion will cover the foundational steps to create a Dream Manager program for your business and some of the amazing successes that have come out of having employees to treat their job like it was their own company.

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